Old products

If you are still using an old version of ABC or any of our other products that are now obsolete, we will still do our best to help you if you have a problem. Generally the best solution is to upgrade to the latest version of our software, and we can help with transferring of data, or conversion of media types.

ABC1, ABC2, ABC3, ABC4 are all obsolete (not Year 2000 compatible, not Windows compatible). 3rd party add-ons for ABC4 (Vehicle Maintenance, Sales Order Processing, Purchase Orders) are therefore also obsolete -- contact the companies that produced those for details of upgrades. Some of those features are now included in the more powerful ABC6.

ABC5 is also obsolete. It is DOS based and, although it can run under Windows, it is difficult to get working under Windows 10 and functions required for MTD (Making Tax Digital) are not available. You can upgrade to the latest ABC6 without losing any data.