a computer eye view of ABC

Abstract image of noughts and ones suggesting computer source code of ABC accounts

Programs and Source Code

The ABC accounts and payroll programs are written in MS Visual Basic 6. A total of 550,000 lines of code produced over many years of development. In addition, libraries of functions from Microsoft and various other companies are used to provide the functionality of spreadsheet, data grids, report printing, and database access. Our own libraries of accounting functions take care of most of the low level handling of records and the input and validation of transactions.

The result is a high level business programming language which is easy to use for producing accounts (bookkeeping) and payroll software. And it is relatively easy to adapt and alter things or produce custom programs as required.

The user interface design is licenced from Microsoft and resembles MS Office. Data is stored in standard .MDB databases so is very compatible with all Office components like Access and Excel.

Do contact us if you have requirements for small business projects, custom programming, special reports, modules to link different software together. Or if you would like to purchase some of the Source Code. Maybe to translate ABC to work with the accounting rules in your country. The User manual and Help File source is also available.