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Some ABC users

These are some businesses who have been using ABC for over 20 years

The new Standing Orders function is fantastic. The more I use ABC6 the more I like it. I'm amazed at the advantages over ABC5 which I wasn't expecting.
Robin H., Dentist.

Thank you for your help in explaining how to submit my payroll RTI electronically. Pressed the button and it went through like a dream. ABC has made my life easier. Thanks again.
Eddie J., Soft Drink Manufacturer

We had a demo of AGL Accounting Software which costs around £8000. It is quite popular in the stockholding field. Although it has one or two advantages over ABC, I was amazed at how much better ABC is. ABC is more user friendly, and visually there is no comparison as the other software screens look very poor. I am glad we had the demo. I really do appreciate ABC even more.
Simon P., Hardware Stockist

For your information we had a brief and traumatic flirtation with TAS Software which we have found unnecessarily complicated and difficult to use. It does not readily allow manual entry of payroll, technical problems cannot be overcome from the manual and it is therefore necessary to subscribe to technical support at high cost.
A.J.P., Farmer

I run a dozen small businesses and have used ABC for many years for both accounts and payroll. I've just started to write a book about my business experiences and ideas and don't worry, ABC will get featured as a recommended product.
Andrew A., Businessman

People are impressed by our multi-thousand pound bespoke software solution to run most of our complicated business. But I thought you'd like to know we use ABC in the general office because it is so simple and it handles all the paperwork.
John L., Insurance Broker

Our business keeps growing and last month our IT consultant installed the network version of ABC. So now we have 5 terminals using ABC instead of everyone fighting to get onto the one computer. What a difference this has made. I had heard horror stories about new networks, but this has all gone without a hitch.
Angela B., BioProducts Importer

At a recent VAT inspection the VAT balanced to the penny and the inspector expressed himself most impressed with ABC. Just thought you'd like to know.
James P., Garage Door Manufacturer

One of our ladies was off sick for a few weeks and we had a temp in. She was busy producing invoices within a few minutes, even though she hadn't seen ABC before. She thought it was the easiest accounts system she'd ever seen.
R.P., Local Newspaper.

You mentioned that you wanted feedback on ABC so this is just to say that I run a haulage company, know nothing about computers, tried SAGE and couldn't understand it, and have used ABC now for 9 years and counting. Lovely little program.
Ray R., Haulage.

I hadn't heard of ABC but a colleague (another dentist) persuaded me to go along to the ABC user meeting in Chesterfield. From your talk and listening to the opinions of a group of members I sat with, I've decided in my bones I know I have a good system with ABC. That I have not used a computer before was simply a "fear of the unknown" factor in my head. We are all now keen to delve more deeply into the programme.
Anthony J.L, BDS

When I bought this business the computer with ABC on it was already there. But my accountant insisted I get a copy of SAGE. Well I went on a training course and had several sessions with the accountant, but ended up almost in tears since I didn't understand even the basics. Spoke to the previous owner and he said try ABC, it's already on your computer. Without any assistance I opened up ABC and found it talks my language -- I LOVE IT. So easy. So my expensive copy of SAGE now sits unused on the shelf and I can get on with my life.
Sue G., Screenprinter

Just got the books back from the accountant a month after the year end, with compliments that everything balances. That's thanks to ABC. Our family company was founded in 1897 and we are a bit conservative about change. We'll stick with ABC now.
Chris W., Oil & Grease distributor

We sell everything a truckdriver could possibly want, with thousands of lines spread over a big ramshackle warehouse. Frankly I don't care what software we use as long it is easy. A local consultant customised it for us to cater for our strange business. We use ABC.
Andy P., Truck Supplies

We are chartered accountants and most of our clients run SAGE. However for the smaller or new businesses we do like ABC and have been very happy with it over the years. Some changes we suggested have now been incorporated so you could say we even helped design it.
Paul H., Accountant

The business now depends on them but I have to say I loathe computers and use them as little as possible. Everything I touch usually goes wrong. The ABC telephone support have learned to dread my phone calls. But since I have used ABC for over 15 years you can draw your own conclusions.
Neil W., Record Producer

A sad day. I won't be using ABC any more. We've used it for 8 years and I still love it. But the business was sold last month and the new owner likes SAGE and I'm just the bookkeeper. Many thanks for all your friendly help over the years. I will miss you.
Mrs Jeanette B., Offshore Drilling

Many years ago I helped design the Pegasus Accounts Software, then became sales director of MicroSimplex Bookkeeping software. Now I have my own consultancy business and have installed and support over 50 copies of ABC accounts. I do keep checking out other accounts programs but nothing has yet tempted me away from ABC.
Mike M., Consultant.

We thought we had an unusual business setup because we have a file of prospects that have requested brochures from adverts and phonecalls, so we need to mailmerge letters and labels for them. And if they become customers we wanted to automatically transfer them to the customer file and produce an invoice. We looked at lots of accounts software and chose ABC because it was the only one able to do all that. Eighteen years later we're still using it (the updated version).
Phil P., Welsh School

Our main company is now paying over 800 people a week and we really need to have two people work on inputting payroll data at the same time, so reluctantly (as ABC payroll is single user only) we are moving over to the MERIT Payroll system. Be assured our other two companies are remaining with ABC payroll, and all are using ABC Accounts.
Joe M., Recruitment Agency

The little module you wrote for us to link our Despatch Software to ABC works perfectly and is saving us several hours a week as well as preventing mistakes. Can't believe you did this for free. Many thanks.
Clive R., Motorcycle Couriers

Sorry I haven't yet got around to joining the user forum. I am not too computer literate. But I do want to say how much I appreciate all the help you gave when our computer crashed last week. To be up and running again same day is a testament to ABC's automatic backup function, and your excellent website.
Roy T., Building contractor

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