ABC6 Accounts -- technical specification

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ABC6 is a fully integrated business package, written in MS Visual Basic and running under 32bit or 64bit Windows. A desktop, laptop or tablet PC with Windows 10, 8, 7, or XP; about 100Mb hard disk space, and any printer are required.

Plain paper can be used for all reports. Password protection at several levels. "SnapShot" function to make instant backups of your data.

ABC6 is fully approved by HRMC for MTD (VAT Returns online).


Sales Ledger.

Up to 10,000 Customers. Locate customer record instantly by account number, name, or any part of their address, or from an invoice number. Optional Credit limits. Sales history. Trade discount. Settlement discount. Brought forward or open item accounting. Built-in reports include Daybook, Statements (with message feature), Money Received, Complete History, List of Customers, Aged Debtors, Unpaid Invoices, Full Audit Trail. All can be viewed on screen, printed on paper, or exported as HTML, CSV or PDF files. Invoices and Statements can be emailed. You can also use the report generator in Filing to design your own reports and produce labels. Customer addresses can be mail-merged into letters.

Charts can display top 10 customers, or show average sales over the year, etc.

Sales Invoicing.

Flexible system lets you build up an invoice on the screen, and cursor up and down to edit any item. Up to 199 lines per invoice. Insert, delete, cut & paste lines; blank lines allowed. Prices and descriptions can be called up from the Stock File if required. Cash-with-Order option. VAT-only option. Prices can be VAT-inclusive or exclusive. Settlement Discount if required.

Multiple delivery addresses for a customer. ProForma invoice option (which can also be printed as a Worksheet, Delivery Note, or Estimate or Quotation).

Stock System.

Unlimited stock items. Locate any record instantly using your own stock code (16 characters) or key or any part of the record. Global price changing (over a range of records). Stock levels can optionally be updated by Sales Invoicing, and/or when entering purchase invoices. Cost prices can be "hidden" (eg. if customer is watching you produce invoice). Built-in reports include Stock Levels, Items needing Re-Order, List of Items, Price Lists, Valuation report. You can also use the report generator to design your own reports and print labels.

Purchase Ledger

Similar specification to the Sales Ledger. Each purchase invoice (unpaid bill) can be analysed against up to 99 nominal accounts. When paying bills, Remittance Advice Notes and Cheques can be printed (these can be customised).

Nominal Ledger

Up to 9899 accounts. Built-in reports include Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss (Trading), Audit Trail, List of Journal entries, VAT Return. The nominal ledger is automatically updated by entries to the Sales or Purchase Ledgers, and Cashbook.

Useful Opening Balances system allows accountant adjustments to be added later. Bank reconcilliation feature.


Flexible Receipts/Purchases entry, with automatic VAT calculation option. Reports include Bank Entries (for reconcilliation with bank statement), Receipts, Purchases (forms a useful Petty Cash book).

Standing Order feature for regular payments.


Up to 6 rates of VAT, as well as zero and exempt items. ABC is suitable for VAT registered and non-registered businesses, and also allows for Cash VAT Accounting.

ABC is approved by HMRC for sending Online VAT Returns MTD.


A simple wordprocessor designed for the quick easy writing of business letters. Includes mail-merge features. Can read and write RTF files which are compatible with MS Word format and allows inclusion of different fonts, sizes, colours, pictures.


A flat file database, using Access MDB database format. Up to 1 million records per file. Each record can be up to 3,000 characters, in up to 50 fields. Create your own files. Powerful searching and formatting functions. Global change. Report generator and Label printing. SQL wizard for selecting groups of records.

Import and Export data via CSV files.


A powerful spreadsheet with formulae giving links to ABC Nominal Ledger -- ideal for cash flows. Can read/write MS Excel format, and allows various fonts, sizes, colours and pictures to enhance the look of the spreadsheet.

Optional Payroll

A separate ABC Payroll is available. This has the ability to update ABC6 Accounts (nominal ledger) after each PayRun if required.


ABC6 has been designed so it is easy for us to customise many features. This can include producing special reports or analysis functions for you.

For example, ABC has been linked to several business specific invoicing systems, including car repair/servicing, and courier delivery.

Useful Functions

These can be used at any time, and include a calculator, printing an address label or envelope, or leaving "yellow notes" attached to any function.


ABC6 includes an import function to allow use of data and text files from earlier versions of ABC. It can also import and export standard ASCII files to and from most other software packages. It can export reports as PDF or HTML files.

MS Office can read the ABC data files.